Welcome to the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID)

The GSCID in partnership with UCT, commercial and educational institutions in the area, aims to create a safer, cleaner and rejuvenated environment for all by providing ‘top up’ services to those provided by the City of Cape Town (CCT).

UCT proposes to partner with commercial and educational institutions situated in this area ( click here to view map) to establish and provide the initial funding towards the formation of the GSCID.

GSCID Vision:

“The GSCID seeks to improve its public environment to make it a sought after, attractive and pleasant destination in which to live, work and shop.”

GSCID Mission:

“The GSCID seeks to create a partnership between UCT, the Groote Schuur Community, and the City of Cape Town, to improve and upgrade the public environment for the benefit of all.”