On Friday, 13 March 2015 at 10h30, GSCID Security Officer (S/O) Samuel Nhlapo, pictured below, arrested a male who was breaking into a vehicle in San Souci Road, Newlands.

GSCID Security Officers help to nab suspect

S/O Nhlapo had seen the male exiting the vehicle and entering a nearby block of flats. On inspection, S/O Nhlapo noticed that the car doors were unlocked and the bonnet was slightly open. He questioned the male who said that the vehicle belonged to a friend. The suspect kept changing his story regarding the vehicle and then admitted to entering the car in search of money. A pair of pliers, a spanner and three socket spanners were found in the suspect’s possession.

S/O Modise Tau also assisted with the matter. Claremont SAPS were alerted and arrested the suspect.

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