21 Day Lock down Announced
Starting: Thursday Midnight
Ends for now: 16 April 2020

Drastic measures required to curb the rapid rise

Every citizen must adhere to all regulations without exception

New measures announced :

1. Nationwide lockdown for 21 days from midnight Thursday 26 March

2. All citizens must stay home

3. Emergency, health and security workers are exempt.

4. Workers involved in production of essential goods, banking staff and SASSA are exempt.

5. All shops will be closed except supermarkets, pharmacies and financial institutes including the JSE

6. No one is to leave home except under exceptional circumstances such as buying food, banking, seeking medical assistance or going to work under the exempt sectors.

7. Delivery of food and essential services will be exempt

7. Anyone arriving from overseas will placed in 14day quarantine.

Information resources for Coronavirus


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