The GSCID recently arranged for their female Chrysalis interns to participate in a women’s self defence programme which commenced on Friday, 14 May.

The aim of the programme is to empower the ladies, equipping them with self-defence techniques, enhancing their confidence and also teaching them what their rights are.

Six women are currently on the program being taught by Kyle Witcher from Decisive Fitness.

Due to the unprecedented volume of gender based violence cases being reported, GSCID General Manager, Barbara Breedt believes that “it is imperative that women, who are frequently targeted, are taught the skills to be able to defend themselves, not just physically but also mentally in terms of knowing their rights.”

The programme participants are taught different self defence techniques which will help to prevent them from becoming victims of gender based violence. Different situations are role-played on how to defend themselves from, for instance, robberies with a knife, surprise attacks from behind, strangling and attempted rape.

Breedt adds: “When realising that they have the ability to protect themselves and that they have rights, this usually results in a positive mental attitude and it changes the outlook on how situations can be handled.”

Four of the GSCID Management ladies are also participating in the classes.

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