1. Become involved in linking people who need support with our CAN Relief Fund. We have volunteers who administer the database and who make calls to individuals and families to check in on them.

2. Join the Mask-making group

3. Join the Educational group – tasked with supporting families in Mowbray-Rosebank, our neighbouring areas and our Mitchells Plains partners with getting educational resources to families with little/no data access.

4. Join the community mental health group – the group is calling on psychosocial professionals and volunteers who are invested in making sure the most vulnerable in our communities are receiving psychosocial support.

5. Donate to the Mowbray & Rosebank CAN Relief Fund – the funds go directly to support those in need within our neighbourhood and with our partnership with Mitchell’s Plain Montrose Park, where a soup kitchen feeds a 1000 individuals weekly.

6. Donate non-perishable food for food parcels or any warm clothing or blankets for our local residents by contacting Louise 082 906 9093 or emailing us above

7. Buy a little extra at the Woolworths in Milner road and leave the items at the marked trolley at the Exit. These donations will go directly to needy families at Red Cross Hospital.

Email mowbrayrosebankcan@gmail.com to link you with the relevant people:

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