Dear Residents and Business owners

At GSCID we are working to improve the overall urban experience for residents, business people and visitors to our area. To date we have focused on cleansing and security, but we want to take our vision of a vibrant and positive community further. We believe that diversity enriches our community, and we want to hear your ideas for making the GSCID area a fantastic place in which to live, work or visit.

We have ideas about the kinds of events we would like to see happening in our area. These would include things like historical walks, markets, and exhibitions in the town hall, etc. We are interested in hearing your ideas and events, as we would like to support you in making things happen in our area.

We can support your events in terms of publicising them on our website and providing a visible security presence (in terms of our GSCID patrol team).



As a first step, we know that there are many community groups doing interesting work in our area. We would like the GSCID website to operate as a window to all the interesting things happening locally. If you are part of an organization or group that is active in the GSCID area, please contact us so that we can list your organization, mission and contact details on our website, along with a link to your website.

We intend setting up an events calendar on our website, with links to our other online platforms, so please send us news of your events so that we can help to publicise them. If you are not following our Facebook page, please like and follow it so that we can keep in touch.

Please email us on on to list your organisation or let us know of upcoming events.



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