Mostert’s Mill, Rhodes Drive, Mowbray


The windmill, known as Mostert’s Mill on de Waal Drive (M3) at Mowbray Cape Town is the only working windmill in Africa, south of the Sahara.

In 1657 the VoC granted land on the slopes of Table Mountain to a number of free burghers under the leadership of Steven Bothma. The farm Welgelegen was established by Bothma, After his death the farm changed hands a number of times until 1756, when it became the property of Jacob van Reenen. It is generally assumed that his son, Dirk, built the mill in 1796. Dirk’s daughter inherited the property and subsequently married a Mostert, the great-grandson of the Cape’s first miller, and the mill came into the ownership of the Mostert family. The machinery is of a type commonly known as an overshot wheat mill, and is the last surviving example of a number of private mills that used to work at that time in the vicinity of Cape Town. It was restored in 1936 by the Union Government in collaboration with the government of the Netherlands, and was declared a National Monument under old NMC legislation on 15 March 1940. 

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