Khulisa Streetscapes will be piloting a supportive housing model for people living on the streets.

The OBSID has joined the project as a start-up funding partner, allowing for an expansion of current partnership with Streetscapes, who have been funded by OBSID and offering social development services and sheltered work opportunities to people living on the streets in Observatory for the past 11 months.

Supportive housing is a combination of housing and services intended as a cost-effective way to help people live more stable, productive lives.

Applying “housing first” principles, this type of housing resource, offered with less conditions regarding substance use or mental health treatment, has been shown to be an effective way of addressing homelessness.

It has demonstrated particular success with the chronic homeless, generally considered the most difficult category to reach and provide services for.

Streetscapes ( has already successfully initiated two supportive housing programmes – one in Walmer Estate and one in Kuils River. Micro housing is planned for the Kuils River facility, providing a more permanent and affordable housing solution for those who most need it.

The project forms part of efforts to address homelessness in Observatory through a developmental approach that includes sheltered work opportunities in Observatory, harm reduction strategies and supportive housing programmes.

It is not intended as a one size fits all solution, but as a pathway off the streets for those individuals living on the streets of Observatory who choose to participate in the project.

Financial contributions, donations of furniture, clothing and foodstuffs as well as volunteers to work shifts in the house or to offer services to the residents and the programme, are required.

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