The Chrysalis students currently interning at the GSCID have taken to the streets on bicycles and are efficiently patrolling the GSCID boundary from Monday to Friday, assisting the GSCID Security Officers as extra sets of eyes on the look out for criminal activity in known hot spots.

The additional security presence of the Chrysalis students has proven to be very effective, especially along the Liesbeeck River trail, where there have been no further incidents reported to the SAPS to date since the introduction of this additional security measure.

A big thank you to the Department of Community Safety for providing the bicycles and giving the Chrysalis team the opportunity to make a difference in the community.

In the images below, the Chrysalis students patrol the GSCID boundary and pose proudly with their bicycles.

Image 1 (009)

Image 3 (004)

Image 2 (004)

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