GSCID Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Davies


Last year the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID) reported on its first year of operations which commenced on 1 September 2010. During that year our operations were limited to the Main Road corridor shown in the map on the previous page as the red area. This was, and continues to be managed from our control room and offices situated at 93 Main Road, Mowbray. It is funded by statutory levies payable by commercial property owners and by UCT on their properties situated within the boundaries of the GSCID.

In this past year we have registered the Groote Schuur Community Management Company (GSManCo), funded by a management fee payable by the GSCID and to a major extent by a grant from UCT. This is an important and a significant development as the GSManCo not only provides management services to the GSCID, it also funds and operates the Residential Security Initiative (RSI), which operationally is a satellite of the GSCID. This initiative has been operating from 1 June this year and has extended the footprint of our security patrols considerably into the residential neighbourhoods adjacent to UCT shown on the map in green. In fact, the University is to be greatly commended for this very generous and important community outreach initiative into its immediate off-campus neighbourhoods.

A further important development took place on 1 May this year when the Observatory Improvement District (OBSID), which is in all other aspects separately managed from the GSCID, agreed to the joint management of their security operations together with the GSCID. The OBSID is shown as the blue area on the map on the previous page. To all intents and purposes, the GSCID and the OBSID are one seamless security operation sharing a radio frequency and management. They operate within different boundaries next door to each other, thereby greatly increasing operational efficiencies, also acting as effective off-campus security to the University’s students and staff, and the general public.

I am particularly pleased to report to the community that, while the SAPS are currently precluded by a government moratorium from divulging monthly detailed crime statistics, there is no doubt that over these past two years crime has been significantly reduced throughout our area of operations.

We are also encouraged by the excellent achievements of our social outreach initiatives. No less than sixty one homeless folk have found employment through Straatwerk, our street cleaning service provider. Others have also been rehabilitated off the street or repatriated back to their homes.

Anthony Davies

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