Straatwerk, an NGO which runs a rehabilitation programme for the destitute and unemployable, handles the GSCID’s cleaning operations. The services offered include street cleaning, graffiti re­moval, weeding and pruning. The emphasis is also very impor­tantly on job creation, but they also render practical and effective services to the community, while providing the destitute with an opportunity for upliftment with dignity and to be paid daily for their work.

Straatwerk’s cleaning depot is based in Durban Road, Mowbray where potential recruits and job-seekers can sign up for the programme. There a pool of regular workers are allocated work on a rotational shift basis. Regulars who have proven themselves reliable get first option of the shifts available. Four teams of three are used in the GSCID area with each team consisting of a foreman and two workers. They also offer manual labour to businesses within the area.

This week new signage which is brightly branded and clearly visible as one passes over the Durban Road bridge, was installed at the depot.


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