The GSCID  cleaning operations, managed and undertaken by Straatwerk ‘Ophelp Projekte’, remain steady and effective staffed by a manager and six teams of three cleaners each operating out of our Durban Road Depot from 08h00 to 12h00 Mondays to Saturdays. Each cleaner earns R55.00 per day and is recruited from the homeless and jobless within our area.

all teams Sat 07-03-2015


Operating along and adjacent to the Main Road from the Campground Road intersection in Claremont to Anzio Road in Observatory in the red area of the map overleaf they keep the public space, mainly the pavements, drains and roads in our area clean.

In autumn they may be seen delving into the drains cleaning out the blockages of leaves etc. before the onset of winter. They also keep these areas free from graffiti.

Of particular significance in addition to their cleaning operations, they provide an important job creation function offering basic remunerative work to the homeless in our areas of operation.

The annual cleaning statistics below for the period July 2014 to June 2015 provide examples of the scope of work undertaken by Straatwerk.


Graffiti and Poster Removal Report
Graffiti 1042
Illegal Posters 1291
Number of Shifts 144
Small Graffiti 113
Stickers 959
Strings 15,595


Garbage Removal Report
Bags Removed 34,669
Number of Shifts 1300
Volume of Litter 242,683 kgs


Grass Cutting and Pruning Report
Number of Bags 689
Number of Shifts 32


Weeding Report
Number of Bags 385
Number of Shifts 18


Channel Cleaning (gutters) Report
Number of Bags 298
Number of Shifts 24


SWD Cleaning (stormwater drains)
Number of Bags 1108
Number of Shifts 24

It may be readily seen that in terms of cleanliness within our public space the GSCID, through our service provider makes a considerable difference in keeping our public environment clean.







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