Burg St horse box 2

A GSCID horsebox (mobile security kiosk) has been placed on the perimeter of Rustenburg Junior School (corner of Main Road and Burg Street) given that a number of criminal incidents relating to signal jamming and theft from vehicles of parents collecting their children from the school had reportedly taken place, according to a school spokesperson.

The horsebox has been deployed in this area for several weeks now and remains in place as a further deterrent to criminal activity. The situation has reportedly improved.

Gill Cook, Admissions Officer and Secretary to the Headmistress, said: “We were very pleased when the GSCID mobile kiosk took a position outside the school and are looking at developing a greater synergy between the GSCID Security personnel and the school’s Grounds Manager who lives on the property.”

Mrs Cook has also provided the GSCID with feedback as to how the deployment of the kiosk and security personnel could be utilised even more effectively.



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