Controller Anne Job using the new radio tracking system

Controller Anne Job using the new radio tracking system


The GSCID recently invested in GPS tracking software which will be used to verify the movements of GSCID security officers and patrol vehicles.

“GPS tracking software,” says GSCID CEO, Anthony Davies, “is fast becoming one of the most widely used technology systems for organisations with a mobile work force, such as ours.  The software allows us to analyse the location data of our security officers and vehicles and thereby  increase the efficiency of our operations and, also importantly,  provide advanced levels of safety and of course, vastly improved communications.”

Charl Brooks, GSCID Operations Manager, is enthusiastic about the new software:  “We will be able to determine the amount of time a vehicle or security patrol officer spends at a particular location, as well as the exact dates and times. When security officers make a stop at a specific location, we are easily able to see in detail where they are and how long they stay there.  Furthermore, the software enables all these movements to be on record for review when required.”

“We are, thus,” says Brooks,  “not only able to immediately respond to situations, but can proactively monitor via automated alerts if a patrol officer does not arrive at a specified location. This helps us to ensure that our full security compliment of patrol officers and vehicles are where they are supposed to be. GPS tracking helps us to keep our neighbourhood safer by ensuring that our patrol officers are actively securing the area in which they are  deployed.”

“The GPS system,” adds Brooks, “ensures enhanced levels of safety for everyone. In the case of our patrol vehicles, driver behaviour is monitored, such as speeding, hard stops and fast acceleration, idle time, and total drive time to keep drivers safe. Monitoring these and other activities also extends the life expectancy of the vehicles themselves. If a security officer is in an accident while on patrol, the location of the vehicle may quickly be determined and help can be dispatched to the scene.”

“Additionally, as GPS tracking software monitors a security officer’s shift, there is less end-of-shift documentation of patrols, allowing the security officers to dedicate more time to security responsibilities and less time to paperwork,” he adds.

All in all the GSCID now offers more efficient security services to our community.

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