A disgruntled Rondebosch resident, fed up with the litter problem in and around the garden between Rondebosch Station and St Andrews Rd, and at other points down the line, turned to the GSCID in desperation.

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The complainant reports that despite his appeals to the City to remove the litter and his own efforts to keep the areas surrounding his block of flats free of litter every day, he had avoided using the garden – “a very pretty tract of vegetation” – ever since the tsunami of litter began to overwhelm his efforts to maintain it.

“The area is often inhabited by vagrants who go through the bin bags and toss the contents on the ground leaving an avalanche of unsightly litter bags on the suburban tracks. My complaints to the City of Cape Town have, however, fallen on deaf ears,” says the complainant. “The bags are very unsightly and have been lying there for more than two months,” he says, “hence my approach to the GSCID for help.”

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Although this area is outside the GSCID boundary, CEO Anthony Davies took immediate steps to rectify the situation. Straatwerk, the GSCID’s dedicated cleaning provider, was advised of the situation and a team sent to the location to carry out a clean-up ‘blitz’.

A team of one Foreman and three workers used 29 refuse bags to remove more than 200 kilograms of waste, which excluded the biodegradable materials which were used as compost and buried.

As the accompanying photographs attest, these efforts have made a dramatic difference and the area has been identified as a hotspot for more regular cleansing and monitoring to keep it free of litter and user friendly.

In an email addressed to Davies, the complainant, who wishes to remain anonymous, writes: “I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your response and the huge improvement to an unsatisfactory situation.”   

The GSCID cleaning team will continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis.


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