The GSCID early yesterday launched its Whistle Alert Campaign, an anti-crime initiative using an inexpensive and highly effective crime prevention measure. The event took place at 7h00 on the corner of Woolsack Drive and Main Road.


Whistles, attached to GSCID branded lanyards bearing relevant emergency numbers, and information flyers were distributed to pedestrians within the GSCID boundary.

“The focus of the Whistle Alert Campaign”, says Nina Farrell, GSCID GM, “is to make people aware that when they hear a whistle going off, someone is in trouble or needs assistance. Whistles are shrill, loud, safe, non-violent and cannot be used as a weapon against you. They will be especially useful to women on their own.”

The program is rooted in the simple idea of members of the public looking out for each other. The goal is to give individuals another tool for letting everyone within ear shot know that someone needs help and to call the relevant agencies to assist. It also keeps people aware of the responsibility to protect themselves.


The Whistle Alert program will help community members take an active and safe role in reducing crime in their neighbourhood by having a whistle on hand as a constant reminder to participants that they have one more way of dealing with security situations that may arise.

“The idea,” adds Farrell, “is that if a person feels threatened or in danger, he or she should blow their whistle continuously until help arrives. Anyone in the vicinity hearing the sound can respond by blowing their whistles if they are in possession of one to help attract others or to scare away a possible perpetrator and to call for the necessary assistance.”

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“The most important tools of crime prevention,” says Farrell, “are alert community members who are willing to get involved. And that’s what the whistle program is all about – alert citizens getting involved. The whistle is just another tool in our fight against crime,” added Farrell.

SAPS Mowbray and Rondebosch, as well as other security agencies, local neighbourhood watches and CPF Forums were informed of the campaign.

More whistles and flyers will be distributed within the precinct, especially at hot spots such as along the Liesbeek River trail where users of this trail are particularly vulnerable.



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