At the recent GSCID AGM on 23 November 2017, held at the Belmont Square Conference Centre in Rondebosch  Chairman, Gregg Huntingford, reported that the GSCID, over the last year, under the guidance of their new General Manager, Nina Farrell, had been operating as effectively and efficiently as it ever had. Farrell took over the reins from Anthony Davies, who retired earlier this year.



“In our CID,” added Huntingford, “crime and grime issues continue to be our focus. We are focused on improvement of the area for the benefit of our stakeholders.  I believe we have been very successful in achieving these outputs. We remain committed to maintaining this solid performance tradition”

He went on to add that the GSCID is operating on a solid financial footing and continues to benefit from the experience of their long-time service providers whilst also enjoying the synergies of their involvement in other special rating areas / CID’s. “We have also had several well publicised successes on the social outreach front”, he said.

“Exploring some interesting technological aspects to add to the offering here, will be a key focus going forward, ” said Huntingford




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