The month of December was a very exciting month for the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID).  On the 10th of December 2010, the Groote Schuur CID controller was able to start operating out of the new control room in the new GSCID premises at Shell Court Building, 93 Main Road, Mowbray.  The operational team moved in on the 16th of December and are now also operating from the premises. 

The Groote Schuur CID also received two ‘horse boxes’ to be used as satellite GSCID offices in places of high visibility for public awareness.  

The two trailers, which were generously sponsored by UCT, have been deployed in the Rondebosch and Mowbray business areas. The public are encouraged to use the offices as information centres to report any sort of crime they might be aware of or if they need assistance trying to find something, such as a street name or a flat or business.  Said Anthony Davies, Executive Director of the Groote Schuur CID: “Enormous thanks must go to UCT for sponsoring these horse box offices. Without their generous contribution we would not have been able to initiate these additional measures.”

Feedback from the public and the SAPS on the deployment of these highly visible offices was particularly good over the festive season as they also play a big role in helping to reduce crime.

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