GSCID Operations Manager, Charl Brooks


Operations Manager for the GSCID, Charl Brooks, has been in the security industry since early 2000. Working his way through the ranks, he gained valuable experience with Gray Security, G4S and then with Orbis Security Services as Contracts Manager to the Claremont Improvement District Company and now, in his present post, as Operations Manager for the GSCID.

A recent letter of commendation from none other than the Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille, mentions his “outstanding and invaluable contribution to the work of the GSCID.” He is given great praise for the improvement in the crime and grime scenario in the greater Groote Schuur area. Brooks is quick to point out, however, that these achievements are as a result of the whole team, which he manages, working together.

“Normal work hours are rare,” says Brooks, “as security operations are often conducted at night, together with social outreach initiatives while interacting with the homeless. Random and regular co-operative operations are also conducted in partnership with SAPS and Law Enforcement.”

“It is particularly gratifying,” remarks Brooks, “that the SAPS have recog-nised the GSCID team as a valuable resource in a co-operative effort to combat crime. We have recently experienced an increase in thefts from motor vehicles in the area and are taking every step to prevent this, but in my view, one incident is one too many.”

Clearly passionate about his work, Brooks believes in what he is doing and the recognition he has received from the highest level, he says, is what drives him, with the support of his whole team, to achieve even greater successes.

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