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To whom it may concern

On Wednesday the 5th of December, I was collecting my mother from the Rosebank Methodist church. She was there for the lady’s club Christmas lunch.

It was about 13h30 when I tried to start the car. It would not start. I assumed that the battery was flat so I tried to push-start it without any luck. I managed to push it from the church parking lot into the Main Road in front of the church. While I was waiting for a friend to come and assist me, a GSCID patrol car had pulled over on the opposite side of the Main Road. Officer Mmcube, driver of patrol car M21, came over to us and asked if he could help us in any way. I told him that our car’s battery was flat and asked him if he had jumper leads which he did not. He then said that he would radio his colleagues and ask if they had jumper leads in their car. Then within a few minutes, a second GSCID car pulled up (with officers Sikuni and Ntutela). They had brought a pair of jumper leads to assist us and although they could not use their GSCID cars to jump-start our car, without their help we would have had to wait a lot longer for assistance.

On behalf of my mother and myself we would like to take this opportunity to thank the three GSCID officers for going out of their way to help us.


Iain Forbes  


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