GSCID patrol vehicles and officers not only conduct security surveillance in the area but also monitor municipal maintenance issues needing attention within the GSCID boundary. The complaints are then reported directly to the City Council who will attend to the issue.

As a missing drain cover in Mowbray posed a risk to the public, especially at night, the GSCID submitted regular reports and requests to the city regarding this specific issue resulting in a swift response from the City to repair and cover the drain.




How to log a service/ maintenance request through the City Council

As a community we can work together to ensure that the issues are seen to and dealt with immediately.

The process in which to log the request is:
o Step 1 – www.cityofcapetown. com.
o Step 2 – Select the Service Request, and
o Step 3 – Follow the instructions accordingly.

• You will receive a confirmation/ reference regarding the service request which can be used to track the progress and completion of the request.

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