Good personal hygiene is an important issue and the GSCID recognises and understands the potential health risks due to poor hygiene. A good hygiene routine requires regular body bathing and brushing of teeth. Sadly for some this is not as easily accessible as it should be. The GSCID is particularly aware of the struggle and cost involved in the upkeep of personal hygiene for those living rough on the streets hence the GSCID’s Woman’s Day Hygiene Drive during the month of August,.

The GSCID’s social outreach team have collated thirty hygiene packs containing feminine body products to assist and distribute to those women in need who work on the Straatwerk cleaning programme.

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A big thank you to the support of the community and the GSCID staff for donations to this worthy cause.

In the image below GSCID Social Outreach Manager, Ingrid Frieslaar displays some of the completed gifts bags that are ready for distribution.

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