The GSCID’s Winter Warmer Drive culminated today, Mandela Day, in a soup kitchen and handover of scarves and beanies to two squads of Straatwerk cleaners who keep the streets within the precinct clean.

The initiative is part of the GSCID’s Social Outreach ‘Holding Hands’ projects to improve the lives of those less fortunate in the community.

The event took place at lunchtime at the GSCID Cleaning depot in Mowbray and was attended by Colonel Dyers of Mowbray SAPS, GSCID CEO,Anthony Davies, Manu Wope, a property owner on Main Road, Mowbray and Hannes van der Merwe of Straatwerk.

Members of Mowbray SAPS and GSCID staff, including Chrysalis interns, attended and many lent a helping hand,.not only in the preparation of the soup and buttered bread rolls but also in serving the fare to the Straatwerk cleaners.

The emphasis on partnerships and team work in working together to improve the neighbourhood was highlighted and the cleaners were thanked for their very important role in not only keeping the streets clean but also providing extra sets of eyes on the street in relation to criminal activity.

Heartfelt thanks to all who so generously contributed to this initiative: Securitas for a R3000 donation towards purchasing beanies and wool for knitting the scarves; Mowbray SAPS for a donation of 200 bread rolls to be served with the soup; all individual community members who knitted scarves.

Special thanks also to the following: the nurses and admin staff of the Red Cross Hospital Oncology unit, Simasonke Youth Projects and Bethany Fellowship for all contributing a very large number of scarves for distribution.









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