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The Holding Hands Project 2016 is a staff driven GSCID Social Outreach initiative aimed at encouraging GSCID staff to work together on goal specific social initiatives to improve the lives of the homeless in our area.

Under the guidance of Nina Farrell (GSCID Administration Manager and PA to Anthony Davies), together with Ingrid Frieslaar, the GSCID’s Social Outreach Manager and other GSCID staff, the social outreach programme will comprise a series of social outreach projects and other initiatives which will be implemented throughout the year.

Given the GSCID’s limited social budget, the initiative will focus on three key areas within the GSCID precinct: Feeding the homeless, a Winter Warmer Drive to collect scarves
and other winter woollies, and a monthly Liesbeek River Trail clean-up.

All of these projects are aimed at giving back to the community within which the GSCID operates. Other goal specific projects will be added as the needs are identified.

An important objective of this project is to promote team building among the GSCID office staff.

The first such project is the GSCID’s Winter Warmer Drive.

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