The City of Cape Town has recently approved of the establishment of the Little Mowbray Rosebank Improvement District (LMRID) after a public participation process spanning two years.

The scheme will come into effect on 1 July, the start of the City’s next financial year.

According to the LMRID steering committee chairperson, Marc Gammon, this initiative is a milestone for the area.

“The approval to establish LMRID represents a key milestone and opportunity in the lives of the Little Mowbray and Rosebank communities to combine forces and continue working together to reduce crime and improve our quality of life,” he says.

“In collaboration with the neighbourhood watches, the police and other partners, this can be done.”

Almost 66% of property owners voted in support of establishing LMRID, Gammon explains. “The focus now needs to shift to ensuring that LMRID makes a positive difference in the lives of our communities. The success of LMRID will be dependent on good communication and cooperation with all property owners and residents,” he says.

“We call on any property owner to contact the LMRID Steering Committee if they have questions or would like to become involved in any way.” The steering committee members are all volunteers and a huge amount of work lies ahead to turn the organisation’s vision into reality.”

Property owners in the area can calculate what their Special Rating Area (SRA) levy will be as follows: Each property owner’s SRA levy will be calculated based on the City’s 2015 general property valuation.

For residential properties, the annual cent in the rand will be 0.000652 and for commercial properties it will be 0.001293, excluding VAT.

By way of example, a residential property with a value of R3,2m will pay 3,200,000 x 0.000652 / 12 = R173.87 (excluding VAT), which is R198.21 (including VAT) per month.

Property owners will have received a letter from the City containing their estimated 2015 property values.

Alternatively, property owners can enter their erf number into the City’s online database to find out their property value, which will come into effect from July, at

The LMRID business plan was designed to keep the overall annual budget as low as possible in order to minimise the SRA levy amount for property owners.

Phillip Martin from Rosebank is one of the residents who welcomes the initiative and feels that safety and security should be a priority.

“As a retired person I would like to see that more is done for the many senior citizens in the area,” he said.

“Many of us like to frequent the parks in the area but in recent time I have experienced too many homeless taking up “residence” in these spaces.

Steering Committee deputy chairperson Rae Wolpe says there are a number of legal and logistical issues which need to be taken forward.
“These include include the registration of the non-profit entity and other registrations with the South African Revenue Services and other regulatory authorities. Once these are complete, a bank account will be opened.

“Secondly, service providers will need to be appointed. This involves a process of developing request for proposal specifications for safety and cleansing services is underway. Once these specifications are developed, requests for quotes will be sent to potential service providers to ensure a competitive and cost-efficient process.
“Proposals received will then be evaluated before service level agreements can be entered into with service providers.”
A number of property owners have also asked whether and when they should cancel their subscription to the ADT bicycle patrols. “They are advised not to cancel their subscriptions until the LMRID security service provider has been appointed and the starting date for LMRID patrols can be confirmed,” explains Wolpe.

The official LMRID report that was submitted to the City of Cape Town Council in April this year (and which contains more details including objections received and responses) will be made available on the LMRID web site ( as soon as it is received from the City (hopefully before end May).

For more information, visit or Contact committee chairperson Marc Gammon on 083 257 0237.




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