The Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID), in collaboration with the UCT SRC, has produced an information brochure and safety card aimed at UCT students, especially first years, which were distributed during Orientation or “O” Week, at which first-year students are introduced to the different facilities and unique aspects of university life.

 The initiative, a co-operative exercise between the GSCID and UCT’s SRC, came about as a result of the SRC’s Health, Safety and Environment Co-ordinator, Emily Bate, attending the GSCID AGM.

Students learn about security off campus from SRC members at UCT medical campus during orientation week

Students learn about security off campus from SRC members at UCT medical campus during orientation week


“As a female student on campus, security is of particular importance to me,” says Emily, “and having become involved in student issues during the SRC elections, it became increasingly clear that this is a major concern for many students, particularly those living on satellite campuses.”

She had noticed the presence of the GSCID vehicles and patrol staff during her time at UCT, but was not fully aware of all the work that the GSCID was doing until she attended the AGM.  

“I was impressed with the energy and creativity of the organisation,” says Emily, “and especially with the social development side of the GSCID through its employment of the homeless by setting  up cleaning programmes which serve to improve the neighbourhood.”

As one of her objectives was to inform students of crime off campus and appropriate safety measures, she came up with the idea of a wallet size security card which students should keep on them at all times and use in times of need. The security card serves to inform students of the security services available to them off campus, namely GSCID, SAPS and other emergency facilities, as well as key numbers for these services and safety tips. “Students can refer to the card and use it, should they find themselves in an emergency situation,” says Emily.

“I cannot thank the GSCID enough for their co-operation and input on this project. It is of vital importance to promote security and ensure that students can help themselves if they are ever in a situation of need,” says Emily.

The card and brochure are available from the SRC office on UCT campus.


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