A GSCID Controller capturing incident details reported to the Control room on the new Incident Desk system

A GSCID Controller captures incident details reported to the Control room on the new Incident Desk system


The GSCID recently invested in an Incident Desk management system, an efficient management reporting tool used to log, manage and report on incidents in the area. It allows the user to manage incident types in an urban management environment such as a City Improvement District (CID) and replaces the former laborious manual ‘occurrence book’ which was time consuming and less efficient. “It was very difficult to access information which is now easily overcome by this recently installed tool,” says GSCID CEO, Anthony Davies.

“When incidents are reported by community members who call in to the GSCID or by patrol staff that use radios to contact the GSCID’s control room, these incidents are logged by our control room staff,” explains Charl Brooks, the GSCID’s Operations Manager. “Depending on the type of incident reported, relevant parties are notified by email or sms, for instance the CID manager or in certain cases, the SAPS in the area,” he adds. “The system is then used to generate stats and GPS map reports on categories such as crime, homeless people, municipal services and other issues, which makes it easier for us to allocate our resources appropriately.”

Incident Desk enables live management and reporting of incidents whilst saving time on generating reports and incident stats. “The neatly displayed and categorised back-end view allows the GSCID to draw GPS maps of hot spots and statistics for a specific date and /or category of incident(s). High-impact incidents in the area can be resolved promptly by notifying relevant parties,” says Brooks.

“By using the Incident Desk application,” says Tiaan Janse van Rensburg, Director of Solution House Software who installed the system, “the GSCID is given a true reflection of the crime status of the Groote Schuur area and is provided with a clear and visible indication of crime and other problems that need to be addressed.”

The GSCID has played a key role in establishing the Incident Desk Take Action urban management solution in the southern suburb CID’s. Many of the incident categories and details that are currently used by many of the CID’s throughout South Africa were done in conjunction with the GSCID. The GSCID, for instance, was also the first CID to introduce a social data element, capturing statistics relative to homelessness in the area onto the system. “We use the system to keep an accurate record of these people within the GSCID precinct,” advises Ingrid Frieslaar, the GSCID’s Social Outreach Manager.





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