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Newly elected GSCID Chairman, Gregg Huntingford

Newly elected GSCID Chairman, Gregg Huntingford, comes to the position with a wealth of CID related experience. He has been with the GSCID as a board member since its inception in 2010 under the ‘watchful eye’ of former Chairman and industry doyen, Neil Fraser and also held a similar position with the Woodstock CID. “Given my knowledge and practical experience with CIDS, I have a very good understanding of how Special Rating Areas work and are to be managed,” says Huntingford.
He emphasises the unique nature of the GSCID given its collaboration with the University of Cape Town (UCT) and the GSCID’s jurisdiction over several suburbs: Newlands, Rondebosch, Mowbray and Observatory.
“It is not a conventional CID, given the nature of this relationship with UCT and the vibrancy of the student community within these areas. We are immensely grateful to the university for their continued support,” he adds.
Huntingford praises the current GSCID team who, he says, “do a remarkable job” in carrying out the day to day responsibilities of attending to issues of crime, grime and social outreach within the boundaries of the precinct. The GSCID, he says, works in close co-operation with the Little Mowbray SRA and OBSID to ensure that efforts are not duplicated. “We would, however, like to reach out to the private sector to provide additional funding to maximise the services provided,” he adds.
Asked about plans going forward in terms of implementing elements of the Spatial Development Strategy for the area, Huntingford says the key issues moving ahead would be to encourage greater use of the public space and to develop the historic trails and river walks in the area to underpin this.
Challenges facing the GSCID in the year ahead include operating within a tougher economic environment which places resources under pressure, changes within the management of the CID and facilitating greater use of public space within the precinct.
Huntingford, who is currently CEO of Spire Properties, started his working career as a lawyer, then moved to the property industry. He has worked in the listed sector for one of the largest listed funds, managed private client portfolios and has wide experience in the portfolio and asset management arena.
He has managed a successful commercial division for a number of years within the listed property sector. He has also been involved in developments, sales and acquisitions and has a wealth of experience in letting commercial property, and is well known to the brokering community.
He serves and has served as a Trustee on several Boards, in the sectional title and improvement district spheres. He is passionate about the property sector and views it as a major engine for growth in the economy.
He is a family man who likes to balance work and home life and takes time out to participate in running and swimming.

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