The iconic Rondebosch Fountain, a true landmark in the area, recently had a welcome make-over in a community based collaboration. According to Anthony Davies, CEO of the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID), the fountain had begun to deteriorate and rust badly in recent years.

Marion Sieberts of Stark Ayres; Monica Sutherland of Rondebosch Ratepayer’s Association; Anthony Davies, CEO of GSCID; Constance Crafford of Personal Trust; Melvinia Mulham, Centre Manager of Riverside Mall; Dean Barnard of Millroy and Gregg Huntington of Growth Point Properties, enjoying the results of a community effort.


The fountain now boasts a sandblasted exterior surrounded by a neat, newly planted indigenous garden. “This is a successful and attractive community project, indeed,” added Davies, “and we look forward to similar upgrade projects in the area as part of our overall urban renewal strategy.”

A group of local businesses collectively covered the refurbishment cost of R30000.

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