Anne Steffny of Anne Steffny & Associates on her recent visit to Cape Town.

Anne Steffny of Anne Steffny & Associates on her recent visit to Cape Town.


Veteran Urban Management expert, Anne Steffny of Anne Steffny & Associates, this week visited Cape Town with a high profile delegation from Mbombela Municipality, Mpumalanga and the Nelspruit City Improvement Districts. The aim of their investigative ‘study’ tour was to explore how CIDs are run in other Cities and to both share and glean information from various organisations involved in urban management.

The local part of their national tour included visits to the City of Cape Town’s revenue department; Eddie Scott (Manager, Inter Services Liaison at City of Cape Town); Paul Williamson of the City of Cape Town Department of Economic Development, who oversees planning for informal traders within the City of Cape Town metropolitan area. The Cape Town Partnership, Central City Improvement District (CCID) and the Western Cape Economic Development agency were also included on their tour schedule.

Steffny is currently involved with the management of the Nelspruit and Riverside Park CIDs, both of which were in existence but needed her expertise to assist them to become fully functional. Her many years of experience in the urban management industry, initially with Kagiso Urban Management (now Urban Genesis) and her involvement in projects as diverse as the Illovo Boulevard and the establishment of a number of CIDs from the ground up, led to her present role as independent consultant. She had previously also worked with Neil Fraser, doyen of the CID industry in South Africa and present Chairman of the GSCID.

“The Mbombela visitors are particularly excited,” says Steffny, “about the prospect of public-private partnerships and using Section 22 of the SRA by-law to jointly fund projects similar to the Claremont Boulevard, which had been jointly financed by the City and the Claremont Improvement District (CIDC).” Inter alia under the leadership of Anthony Davies current CEO of the GSCID.

According to Steffny, Nelspruit is very fast-growing and one of her key tasks will be to extend the boundaries of the current CID to include the whole of the CBD and RiversidePark precinct. “It’s all about understanding place-making and implementing sustainable solutions to urban management and regeneration,” she added. “It is the state’s duty to provide basic and essential services, but it is equally important for the private sector to recognise its responsibility in fostering cohesive communities,” she added.

Asked to comment on her visit to the GSCID, Steffny remarked that she was particularly impressed with the GSCID’s efficient day-to-day management within its mandate of providing a safe and clean public space.

Anne Steffny of Anne Steffny & Associates on her recent visit to Cape Town.

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