Security within the GSCID precinct and beyond has received a massive boost with the establishment of the GSCID Surveillance Centre (GSCID SC) and LPR security camera project.

The Surveillance Centre is one of the first independent Surveillance Centres that will provide security monitoring capabilities and services to the greater southern suburbs. Leased from Securitas, but managed and self-utilised by the GSCID, it provides a well-needed platform for the management of surveillance services to all sectors (public, private or government).

“This service,” says GSCID General Manager, Nina Farrell, “will tie in with the already existing security infrastructure and operations to facilitate a holistic approach and will provide oversight of all security matters, especially where crime hotspots are of concern.”

Furthermore, with the implementation of state-of-the-art License Plate Recognition software, the GSCID SC will have the ability to track and trace all criminal elements before they even enter the precinct. The envisioned future of this project is to eventually collate a number of cameras in a planned network design (PND) so as to provide an overall coverage of an “eye in the sky”.

The GSCID SC is a stand-alone surveillance facility that will be manned and monitored on a 24 hour basis. It will, however, link in with the current security services operational within the GSCID. It will thus provide additional “back up” and assistance to the security staff on the ground and will aid in preventative security via the “hassle factor”. When any potential crime is spotted/monitored, the Surveillance Controller will relay all information to the ground staff and a combined approach to crime prevention will take place.

“The initial stages of the project will see only one Surveillance Officer manning the facility on a 24 hour basis (shifts). However, the GSCID has already made provision in its design and installation of a second surveillance desk that should the project reach the stage and growth as envisioned, a second surveillance officer will be employed,” adds Farrell.

The entire GSCID precinct will eventually be under coverage of surveillance equipment. For the interim, hot spots and high traffic areas have been identified and will be the first priority to cover.

Other areas already on board with the project, are the LMRID and a few private establishments. Other neighbouring CIDs and private sectors are also creating a surveillance footprint. The City of Cape Town also has an elaborate footprint being rolled out and the GSCID will have shared access to these cameras.

The whole project will be overseen by the security Contract Manager with the GSCID General Manager overseeing the process.

A launch function, attended by GSCID Stakeholders, was held at the GSCID offices in Mowbray on Thursday 20 September.

Attendees included Cllr Mark Kleinschmidt, Cllr Paddy Chapple, GSCID Board Members, LMRID Board Members, Rondebosch and Mowbray Station Commanders, Rondebosch and Mowbray CPF Chairpersons.













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