Security Officer (S/O) Never Dubeni (pictured below) has assisted in the arrest of yet another thief in the GSCID area.

On Monday, 1 May (Worker’s Day), while walking along Main Road in Rondebosch, a lady’s necklace was stolen right off her neck.

S/O Dubeni saw the suspect running and questioned the lady as to what had taken place. After she had related the incident to him, Officer Dubeni called on all the GSCID and LMRID vehicles for back up and informed them of the suspect details.

The suspect was later found in the Rustenburg Square yard where he was detained by S/O Dubeni until Rondebosch SAPS arrived. The GSCID was informed that the suspect has several outstanding charges to his name.

This is S/O Dubeni’s second arrest in the past two weeks and his third arrest in the past month. He is doing sterling work in the area and the GSCID is extremely proud to have him as a member of our security team.

We thank all our officers for their hard work and dedication to keeping the area safe.

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