A reminder of the critical urban management role of CIDs within a specific geographic area.

CIDs are established by communities in order to supplement municipal services such as:

• To improve safety in the public space

• To promote and safeguard the interests of residents and businesses in the area.

• To address social issues in a unified, cooperative and sustainable manner.

• To improve, upgrade and protect the natural and built environment of the area.

• To provide additional cleansing and waste management.

• To promote inter-community collaboration as well as with organisations and,

• Facilitating investment into the area and building investor confidence leading to employment opportunities

The City does not fund CIDs, but they are funded from additional property rates levied on the municipal valuation of property owners within the boundary of a CID and paid over by the City to them on a monthly basis. These funds are then used by the CIDs to provide additional services.

‘The Urban Management Directorate will continue to foster partnerships with organisations and entities that share the values, mission and vision of the City to make progress possible together. We will continue to work with, assist and support communities that take initiatives in their own progress and development,’ said Alderman Grant Twigg, Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Management.

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