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A hearty meal and a friendly smile can mean so much, especially in the middle of winter. On Friday 26 July, employees of the Groote Schuur Community Improvement District (GSCID) and students from Chrysalis Academy donated their time and resources to warm the hearts and tummies of about 50 destitute people who form part of the Straatwerk project.

Straatwerk, a non-profit organisation (NPO) which assists destitute people on the road to rehabilitation, hosted the outreach event at their depot in Mowbray.

“Straatwerk offers people who are living on the street the chance to feel like they have a purpose through employment. This also has a roll-back effect on the surrounding area, keeping our streets clean, presentable and welcoming,” said Barbara Breedt, general manager of GSCID.

“Our social outreach manager, Ingrid Frieslaar, works hand in hand with Straatwerk and it was heart-warming to see how the people responded to her, sharing their stories. She is like a mother to them, assisting them to reintegrate into the community,” Breedt added.

On the day, the homeless received a bowl of home-made soup, a roll and hampers which included a beanie, a rain poncho, instant soup, noodles and half a loaf of bread.

“The outreach project was part of the GSCID’s annual Winter Warmer Drive. We would like to thank our partners – LMRID, Mowbray police, Rondebosch police, Rawson Properties and Pick n Pay Observatory – for their generous donations,” said Breedt.

Source: https://m.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Local/Peoples-Post/warm-meals-stave-off-the-cold-20190805?fbclid=IwAR132kK47LasoDq5gU3fwXixCCTLN_kTRlnWk8yjWIseEIS6BKr8ycaNB3M

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