The City of Cape Town and 43 community improvement districts (CIDs) came together at the Civic Centre on Thursday 8 August in a bid to promote greater transparency and cooperation.

Also present at the workshop were the sub-council chairpersons, sub-council managers, councillors and other stakeholders.

The CIDs were encouraged to share what worked, what needed attention and what challenges there were in their areas.

Mayco member for urban development Grant Twigg says the workshop aimed to monitor progress and to devise ways for the City and the communities to work together better to enhance service delivery.

Twigg says this will help to create an environment conducive to stronger relationship building and cooperation.

“The workshop raised concerns and identified matters that require attention. These will be included in a comprehensive report to the Mayco member for the urban management directorate for consideration.

“Each item will be considered and, where needed, will be referred to the relevant line department for input. A follow-up workshop is envisaged for the end of October,” says Twigg.

Chris Lloyd, manager at Woodstock Improvement District, says the workshop was helpful.

“We mentioned our issues in Woodstock, chief among them armed robberies. It was interesting to hear that all CIDs experience more or less the same problems, mainly that we are not a recognised body with many of the City’s line departments,” Lloyd says.

Cape Town Central City Improvement District chief executive officer Tasso Evangelinos agrees with Lloyd, saying it was a very positive workshop.

He says it was “a great” opportunity for CIDs to engage directly with the City, enabling both parties to become more effective and efficient in the way they operate


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