Josephine Mill, Boundary Road, Newlands

josephine mill

Photo of mill: DanieVDM

Boundary Road in the suburb of Newlands is where Cape Town’s only surviving water mill can be found. Built in 1818, the Josephine Mill was operational during the mid-1800s, but by halfway through the 20th century it lay in disrepair.

However, thanks to the diligent work of the Cape Town Historical Society, this beautiful piece of machinery has been restored and is once again performing the function for which it was originally intended.

Today the Josephine Mill, complete with iron waterwheel, once again supplies the local community with freshly milled, stone-ground flour.

The Josephine Mill Museum displays artefacts recovered in the area and features an exhibit of the stone-milling process. The mill shop sells wholesome natural and organic products such as Josephine Mill stone-ground flour, which is made from top-quality, locally grown wheat and sold in reusable hemp sacks. The shop also supplies a range of freshly baked breads, homemade jams and condiments.


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