Due to  vagrants using subways within the GSCID precinct as night shelters and leaving the areas concerned in a less than desirable state, as well as regular vandalism of security gates to the subway entrances and electric light fittings within the subways, the GSCID has taken action by locking the subways at 08:30 every night. The security gates are unlocked at 05:00 every morning. This is done 7 days a week.

The affected subways are as follows:


  •  Bottom of Upper Liesbeeck road linking Upper Liesbeeck to Liesbeeck West road. (Gate on both sides)


  •  Bottom of Burg road linking Burg to Lower Nursery road.Croquet Lane linking Croquet Lane to Austwick road.
  • Croquet Lane linking Croquet Lane to Elma road.
  • Elma road linking Elma road to Acton road.
  • Erin road linking Erin to Diocesan College (Bishops).
  • Erin road linking Erin to Rondebosch Boys Preparatory School.


  •  Princess Anne Avenue linking Princess Anne to Rhodes Memorial.


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